What Is Video-Based eLearning And Why It Is Beneficial

What Is Video-Based eLearning And Why It Is BeneficialVideo-based elearning is defined as the use of online videos to learn something new. According to Salman Khan, videos can be used to reinvent education. Khan mentioned that videos have a “transformative way” of teaching and learning.

What is video-based learning?

There are a couple of key elements that will help describe what video-based learning is all about.

First of all, it has to stimulate both visual and auditory senses. The visual element should be the primary source of data while the auditory element supports whatever is being viewed. It is also important to consider the length of the video. You do not want to make it too long. Use smaller chunks to give the learners time to absorb what they just watched. This will allow them to reflect on every video and let it settle as a foundation for the next material that they need to watch.

When you use videos in elearning, there are 4 important factors that you need to consider. One is getting their attention. To be able to do this, you have to make the lesson relevant. It is not just the lesson itself but also the examples that you will use and the scenarios that will be shown in the video. The third is inspiring confidence in the learners. Finally, you should be able to meet their expectations. If you are successful in meeting all of these, then the video will be effective in elearning.

Benefits to using video-based elearning

The use of videos in learning had been going on for decades. Ever since we had the ability to make them, teachers and instructors have often used visually stimulating materials to improve the learning experience. But what exactly is the benefit of using it in online courses?

The first reason is the cost. It is something that you can create yourself. There are so many software programs that will help you create a video. And a lot of them are free. You simply have to download the application or program so you can use it to create a unique video that will complement the lesson.

Another benefit is the ease of creating one. Thanks to the advancements in technology, you can create a decent video using your mobile phone. It does not matter if it is a slideshow of photos or a motion picture – there are many programs that are user-friendly. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to be creative and unique in creating videos.

Finally, using video-based elearning is beneficial because you have a lot of platforms that will help you distribute it. Again, this comes for free. You can easily upload a video and share it on the Internet. You can use the various social media sites. In case you have a blog dedicated to elearning, you can upload the video here and link it to different social media networks. That should widen the reach of the video so more people can learn from it.

As you can see, the use of videos in elearning makes it even more effective. There are various materials that you can use to combine with the videos you created. Feel free to use them – as long as they are relevant and will help you meet your online learning goals.

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