Using E Courses To Create Compliance Training Programs

cartoon shaking hands with a computer screenCan E courses help you deliver compliance training programs more effectively? Yes it can as long as it is under the right circumstances.

Compliance training involves the education of employees on the rules and regulations of a company. This includes the laws and the policies that each employee must adhere to while they are connected to the company. These rules usually apply to their daily responsibilities.

The thing about compliance trainings programs is that everyone needs to learn them. Nobody is exempted from it. Not only that, there are times when you need a different set of information as it applies to the different tiers in the organization. For instance, you cannot provide managers with the same compliance training program as those working in your production line.

Given these facts about this training requirement, it is easier to understand how E courses, or elearning courses, can be a great option to deliver them.

First of all, an elearning course is more accessible. Even if the company have a satellite office, it is easier to provide them with the same compliance training program. You simply have to upload the course online and they should be able to access it using the right authentication codes or login information.

Another reason why E courses may be a great option is because of availability. Compliance training is given “as needed.” Unless there is a major change in the management, this training is needed only when someone new enters the company or shifts to a different department. You can store this course online and leave it there for the next new recruit.

A lot of companies belittle the importance of creating E courses for compliance training. They think that there is no need to put too much effort in creating this course. This oversight may be more costly than they think. There is a need to exert effort in creating these compliance training programs because it will help employees take care of the company’s reputation.

Here are some tips that will help you create effective E courses for compliance training.

  • Know who will be trained. Start by understanding who will be trained by the course. As mentioned, there may be one compliance training program for the whole company but there is also a need for courses that cater to a specific audience. Knowing the audience will help you create the right course for your target audience.
  • Connect the compliance training course with day to day scenarios. This type of course addresses policies, rules and regulations that affect the daily tasks of the employees. You need to help them connect it to real world scenarios so they will know how to apply what they have learned in the future.
  • Use simulations and group activities. The best way to connect the E courses to real world scenarios is through simulations. Specifically, you want it to be a group activity. The reason for this is to make the employees get used to the idea of working with other people. Although some may not be in the same department or group, there are times when they need to collaborate in order to get a project done. It is best to help them develop this habit while going through the compliance training course.
  • Avoid overwhelming them with information. Most of the time, the compliance training content is quite a lot to take in one sitting. This is why you may have to create different E courses and deliver them in batches. Do not feed everything at once because retention will not be high. Better to give small doses instead.
  • Be humorous. Another tip is to make the whole course humorous. This will keep the course from being boring – as some compliance training programs can be. If you want, you can create a character that everyone can relate to – a fictional employee of the company. The compliance training could follow the daily activities of this fictional employee. That can make the course more interesting.

E courses are very effective as a way to deliver compliance training programs. Follow the tips given and you should be able to create courses that participants can enjoy.

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