Use Custom Training Programs To Increase Customer Loyalty: Here’s How

using custom training programs for customer loyaltyDid you know that custom training programs can also be used to help retain loyal customers? If you think that online learning is just for your employees, it is time to think outside the box. You can actually use certain training programs to help customers get a deeper knowledge of your products or services.

Study reveals that majority of Australian shoppers research a product before buying it. You want to make sure that the information they get about the product will come from you. Although they will probably look into review sites, it is best to have your own online courses available.

So how can you use custom training programs to increase customer loyalty? Here are some strategies that you can look into.

Offer a product knowledge training course.

This is probably the most basic and straight-forward option. You can create a short course about the product. This course will discuss the features of the product or service. Highlight the benefits that customers will gain if they patronize what the company will offer. This does not have to be long. A couple of minutes will do. Provide concrete and simple details about the product – making sure you include the features that will hook your target clientele. The goal of this tutorial is to ensure that the customer is making an informed decision before buying a product or availing of a service. At the end of the course, you can provide additional resources that can help interested customers learn more about the product or service.

Create simulations.

This custom training strategy will allow customers to have a first-hand online experience of what the company offers. This is actually great for products. You can provide them with branching scenarios or interactive simulations that will allow them to practice how to use it. In case they make a mistake, they will know what will happen and thus know what to avoid when they have the actual product. This will also make the benefits more pronounced and obvious.

Set up short videos.

This can come in several forms. You can create a slide presentation that highlights the common questions asked about the product or service. Or it can be a demonstration of the product. It can even be a video about how a product is created or how a service is performed. These videos can be created with the right background music and visual effects. It helps make the product training entertaining and engaging. Ideally, you want the video to be short – around 2 to 5 minutes. In case it needs to be longer, you can separate it into 3-4 video series.

Use social media.

Social networking sites play an important role in influencing buying decisions. When a friend posts a product review, it becomes more appealing for someone in their social circle to buy the same product. This is why you need to include social media in your custom training programs. First of all, it allows your customers to share the product. Not only that, it gives them access to the official information about it. This combination can really help strengthen your customer base.

As you can see, your custom training initiatives can also cater to the needs of your clients. This is a great way to educate them about the benefits of patronizing your products and services.

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