Why Today Is The Best Time For Elearning To Shine

elearning conceptsThere are many benefits to elearning. We all know how it makes education and training more efficient and effective. Not only that, it is not as costly as it the traditional classroom learning. You can also say that it makes teaching easier for instructors.

But probably the best reason to love this type of learning is the way it makes learning so accessible. Instructors can reach more learners even off campus or outside the training room. Learners are also more than able to get the education that they need regardless of the time and place.

All of this, is thanks to technology.

Education have long been present in our society – both formal and informal type of learning. However, there was always this need to be physically present to be able to get the education that you need. If you cannot get near an instructor or at least a book that will give you the information that you need, it is difficult to improve both your knowledge and skills. The requirement to be physically present is what makes education difficult for people in remote areas.

But today, elearning has solved that dilemma. Advocates of education and learning have long struggled to make it available for all. Not only that, they have campaigned for systems and processes that will make the burden easier for teachers. Before elearning, this was a difficult to do.

There is no doubt about it. We are in a period when elearning is poised to shine the brightest – and keep on shining for years to come. Here are the reasons today is the best time to embrace this type of learning.

  • Access to the hardware is easier. What makes elearning very effective is how it is not hindered by remoteness and the way it allows mobility in learning. Thanks to devices like laptops, iPads and smartphones, you can easily access elearning – literally anytime and anywhere. At least, this is true as long as you have access to Internet. However, there are also certain elearning courses that you can download so you can complete even without access to an Internet connection.
  • Both hardware and software are becoming more user-friendly. In the past, you need to have a certain technological knowledge to help you use both hardware and software programs. Now, that is no longer the case. It is so easy to learn how to use the iPad on your own. Just think about the Hole-In-The-Wall project of Sugata Mitra. Even toddlers can learn to use it on their own. Also, teachers and instructors can now create simple elearning courses even without formal training. Of course, more sophisticated courses require professionals but it is not always necessary.
  • Understanding of technology is more accepted and sought after. While learning how to use technology is easier, our enthusiasm to learn it is higher than ever. We do not need to be pushed to learn it. We seek it out. It is because we are now understanding how important it is to have the knowledge to utilize it for our daily tasks. We do not only seek to learn it, but we have the initiative to learn how to integrate it with the tools that we already know how to use.

These reasons are more make today the best time to let elearning shine. While it is not meant to replace teachers and instructors, it is meant to encourage self-exploration. The Internet gives everyone access to huge amounts of information. Instruction is still needed but it is no longer there to spoonfeed learners. The need now is to provide guidance so learners are encouraged to seek information for themselves. Instructors just have to make the information available when it is sought out. And that is the whole purpose of elearning courses.
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