Tips To Engage Gen Z During Online Classes

Tips To Engage Gen Z During Online ClassesMost people think that online classes of Millennials and Gen Z students should be the same. While the concepts to be taught will be the same, the learning methods and strategies that you will use to deliver the lesson should not. Unlike what others believe, there are a couple of differences between these two generations. And these differences should affect how they should be taught.

For one, it is the Gen Z that is the real digital native generation – not the Millennials. The latter went through a time when the digital era was still gaining steam. That means they still had to go through the traditional methods of learning. Gen Z is the first generation that does not know life without the digital world. Unfortunately, that makes them even more distracted.

Not only that, the Gen Z is probably the most open when it comes to their options to get an education. 75% of Gen Z are open to exploring learning alternatives. This piece of information alone should hint that the Gen Z are more open to opting for online classes to get their education.

Of course, that poses another problem. How can you ensure that the Gen Z will be engaged in the virtual classroom? How can you assure that they will interact well in every online course that they will take?

We all know that the key to making any elearning course effective is to engage the learners. But the question is, how can you do this?

How to engage Gen Z while learning online

Obviously, you want to make sure that technology is involved. As mentioned, this is the first generation that was born when the digital world was ingrained in society. Make sure the Gen Z is allowed to use technology in getting the information that they need. This is what they are used to and they will definitely expect it from the online classes. Whether it is the use of mobile technology, social media, or search engine sites, you have to allow them to utilize these tools in learning.

Now that we have mentioned social media, this is one platform that you really want to take after. Socialization takes on a different meaning for the Gen Z. It mostly means social networking sites. This generation may go out physically with friends, but you will notice that they will still be glued to their phones, scrolling and looking at new updates in their account. Social learning can be very powerful if you know how to integrate it properly in online classes. Just remember that you should create a community to ensure that the learners will be inclined to participate.

The online classes should also be relevant. This generation is surprisingly well informed when it comes to recent events. They are more open to voicing out their opinions online. That means they care enough to want to be involved and to matter. This is why you want to make sure that the value of the courses should be evident. You have to convince them that this is something that they can use in the real world.

Finally, you have to make sure that the online classes are visually appealing. Visuals will ensure that this generation is engaged. Keep it simple, but hook them with great images and layout.

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