Tips To Create A Custom Training Program Within A Month

Tips To Create A Custom Training Program Within A MonthCreating a custom training program within a month is not impossible. You just have to streamline and plan every step so you can utilize your time properly. But why is it important to create a training course fast?

The primary reason is the cost. Training programs will cost the company. It is a necessary investment that will bring profitable results – but only when it is done right. One of the things that will help make it profitable is when you create the course in the shortest amount of time possible. Otherwise, the delay will cost the company more and that will compromise the success of the course.

According to statistics, elearning is one of the most expensive training programs to develop. However, it is also the one that is most utilized. This is because elearning is still the most cost-efficient when you add the logistic costs to the budget. The course itself will be more expensive to create – but the implementation and delivery will not be as costly. While the cost of creating custom training programs online is higher, that does not mean you cannot do anything to cut back on the cost. You just have to make sure that you can complete it in the fastest time possible.

Here are 5 simple steps that you need to follow in order to develop a complete training course within a month.

Step 1: Set the goals

This should take you a day or so at the most. Starting with the goal setting will help you plan more efficiently. It will help make your decisions easier to complete. There are so many options when creating custom training programs. Knowing the goal will allow you to filter through these options. This is always the first step when the time is tight. If the objective of the course is not provided, you need to come up with one. When you have defined the goals, it should be easier for you to identify what needs to be done to bring the employees closer to that.

Step 2: Know the audience

This should take 3 days to complete. Like goal-setting, this will also help you filter through the options that you have in terms of elearning methods, strategies, and tools. By knowing who will participate in the elearning process, you can choose the right elements that will make the learning effective based on their personal preferences and backgrounds. It will improve the retention rate and success of the course.

Step 3: Come up with a training plan

The first two steps will give you what you need to create a training plan. This can be done within 7 days. You want to make sure that this plan will meet the objectives of the training and at the same time, the expectations of the audience. In this part of the course creation process, you need to identify how long the training program will last, the materials that will be used, the team that will create, manage, and supervise the program, etc. It helps to break down the plan into milestones so it is easier to track the progress of the online course creation. If possible, make this plan as detailed as possible so you can identify any bumps or hiccups that you might encounter along the way.

Step 4: Create the training program

This will take around 10 days or so to complete. It is the actual implementation of your training plan. If you had been thorough with the plan, it should be a simple matter of following what you have previously decided on. Since the whole plan is laid out, you can delegate each part of the course creation to different people and then have it put together in the end. This will make the creation a lot faster. At this point, having the right learning management system will really make the creation more efficient and effective too. The whole team can rely on that system to update each other and keep tabs on the progress. By delegating the task, the course will finish faster. It will only be a matter of combining everything to complete the custom training program.

Step 5: Test and launch the program

This will take the last couple of days that complete the 30 days that you have to finish the training program. You need to finalize everything and test it. Do not forget to test it. This is how you will know if there are mistakes that might have missed the developers. Once everything is in order, you can launch it.

When creating a custom training program, it is important to go through these steps. You should also try to be as detailed and efficient as possible. And once the training is implemented, it is important to monitor it as well. You need to check what works and what will make it successful or a failure.

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