Questions That Will Help Identify Your Virtual Learning Objectives

Questions That Will Help Identify Your Virtual Learning ObjectivesYou should never start a training program without any virtual learning objectives. According to experts, this is a critical component of learning because it provides two critical functions. First, it provides instructors and trainers with a guide. This can be very useful for developers as well – if there is a different group creating the course. The other role of an objective is that it provides learners with something to expect. It will let them know if this particular course can give them what they need to learn.

These critical functions are the reasons why you need to define clear objectives for your virtual learning course.

Fortunately for you, there are three different ways for you to identify what these objectives are. You just have to ask any one of these questions.

What is your training goal?

One of the ways you can identify your objective is by looking at your goals. Some people think that goals and objectives are the same. It is not. Goals define the destination and everything that you have to accomplish. It does not dwell on the details. You need the objectives for the specifics that will lead you towards your end goal. But at the same time, the training goal will help define the objectives that you need. That is a safe assumption that both of them need each other. But it helps to start with the goal. Only then will you be able to identify the objectives that you need to set in order to reach the ultimate end goal. To define the goal, make sure to follow the SMART rule. It has to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound.

What is the need you have to satisfy?

The other question that you need to ask yourself is the training need. You can identify the virtual learning objective if you know the need that has to be met. The objective will help narrow the activities that you can use. Some activities will not just help employees learn. The right activities will also help develop the skills that the employees need to have.

But exactly is this need. It can be anything from a new knowledge or new skill that can make the employee work in a more productive manner. It can be in compliance with a new regulation.

When you define a need, you have to consider the foundation that the employees have. What do they know right now and how can that be improved? The answer to this question will allow you to identify the need that will also help you come up with a reasonable objective.

How will the content be delivered?

Finally, you need to consider how you plan to deliver the training. Will it be through a usual hour-long virtual learning course? Or will it be through shorter microlearning courses? Will you be using a game or a video to deliver the content? These will influence the objectives that you have to meet in order to make the course successful. You have to make sure that the objective and the delivery method is aligned. Otherwise, it might compromise the content of the training program.

Answer these three questions truthfully so you can identify the virtual learning objectives that you can work with. Keep yourself from creating the course until after you have defined this objective.