Important Reminders When Using Gamification In Custom Training Programs

Important Reminders When Using Gamification In Custom Training ProgramsUsing gamification in custom training programs is not unheard of. In fact, it is safe to say that more and more companies have started using this strategy to train their employees. If the trend and growth hold true, it is believed that gamification will be the “game changer” for small businesses. At least, it will help them stay competitive in the digital world.

This is why it is not surprising that this is a great strategy to implement in corporate training programs. After all, games are fun. It wouldn’t hurt to insert as much fun as we can in the workplace. Not to mention a bit of competition might liven things up and make everyone involved more productive.

Of course, using gamification in any custom training program will only be successful if you do it correctly. This is why you should probably go through these important reminders to ensure that you can maximize the benefits you will get from it.

Be clear in defining who wins

Let us be clear about something. Gamification does not always have to result in just one winner. Everyone can win as long as they reach certain parameters or satisfy the rules. But even if you only have one winner, you need to define how that will go. You do not want others to feel resentment because they feel like they lost because they never really understood the rules.

Align the game with the business goals

Do not just choose gamification to make the custom training fun. Make sure it has an important purpose that will bring everyone involved closer to a business goal. This is still a part of elearning. That means the employees should learn something from it – may it be a skill, habit, knowledge, or anything that will increase their productivity and profitability.

Set simple rules

Let us not make things complicated. Remember that you are using gamification to make things enjoyable and fun. If the game is complicated, it might not help you achieve the mood that you are aiming for. So keep the game rules simple so there is more room for an entertaining way to learn. While sophisticated games and rules may be impressive, it might also be quite distracting. So if it is not necessary, keep things simple.

Know when to insert it into the lesson

There are many ways to integrate gamification into the custom training program. You can space it out so it happens after every segment. Or you can use do it at the end of the whole course so the learners will rely more on their recall abilities – which is said to increase retention rate. It is also possible for you to incorporate the whole gamification idea throughout the course. It all depends on the type of content that you are delivering. Just remember to keep the goals and objectives in mind as you decide on how you want to integrate the games into the learning experience.

Without a doubt, gamification is a great addition to the strategies you can use for custom training programs. Just make sure that you get to know what the employees really need before you finalize how you will implement it.