Important Features Of Gamification In Corporate E-Learning

Important Features Of Gamification In Corporate E-LearningThe use of gamification in corporate e-learning is rising fast. It is one of the methods that are used to make learning fun in the workplace. Having an atmosphere of friendly learning is something that will motivate the employees to participate in the learning process.

There is an article that discussed how the principles of playing video games can be applied in a business. It is actually an interesting angle to consider when you want to use gamification in elearning. When you are just starting to play a video game, you are cautious and slow at it because you are still learning the controls. It is important for you to focus on the controls so you can play better. Apart from that, you need to learn the rules of the game and how you can win.

The same is true for the new recruits of a company. Most companies focus on teaching them the rules, policies, and processes that they need to master in order to do their tasks properly. But most companies miss one thing – they forget to teach them about the controls. The controls are the skills that are needed to complete a job. Those who are training the employees are just teaching the motions without really considering what a beginner would need to know to fully function in their job. When creating a corporate e-learning course, you need to teach employees where the buttons are.

This is where the use of gamification in training programs can be very useful. It will immerse the employee in the task and they can practice how it is done. They can identify what they need to be productive and they can practice through gamification. Of course, to make this method of learning effective, it has to come with the following features.


The game should have a story to help the employee relate it to what they will encounter in real life. If the employee is being trained in sales, the story should revolve around how they will interact with their clients. Different customers should play the characters so they will know what they are up against. If they need to interact with fellow colleagues, these characters should also be part of the storyline.

Progress report

This simply involves the elements of the game that will help both the employee and the trainer to track how they are doing in the game. This will also help them see how the other employees are performing in the game. The elements include challenges, questionnaires, etc. If the employees know their standing in the game, they will know how much effort they need to exert in order to succeed.


This is important in e-learning. You need to divide the lessons into levels and rank it according to difficulty. Start with the easy lessons and then work your way up to the more difficult ones. The higher they progress, the more challenging things will be. Make sure that whatever they learned during the first few challenges will equip them with what they need as they progress to the more difficult parts of the game.

Point system

This will play an important role in motivating employees to participate in the gamification process. They will be motivated to engage in the game with the hopes of surpassing their colleagues. Just make sure that you establish a friendly competition between them to keep things positive within the workplace.

Make sure the gamification in e-learning has these features to help make it a successful training program for employees.

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