How To Use E Courses To Boost Employee Self Confidence

happy businessmanE courses can be used to make your employees feel more confident about their abilities. According to an article published on, studies revealed a strong connection between self-image and the performance of a worker. If one has a high self-esteem – they are more likely to be more productive in the workplace.

Let us elaborate on how this happens. When you feel confident about yourself, you are more likely to be aggressive in the workplace. After all, your confidence tells you that you can do something – probably better than those around you. As you feel confident about your abilities, you will naturally be motivated to reach higher goals and set out more difficult targets. One way or the other, that will make you very productive in the company.

This is why the management should consider using e courses to help boost the confidence of their employees. It does not really take a rocket scientist or a PhD to do this. You just have to follow these tips to make your elearning courses effective in boosting the self-esteem of workers.

  • Make it challenging. There is nothing like a good challenge to make you want to do better. Sometimes, making things easier or spoonfeeding workers will do them more harm than good. Challenging workers will force them to step out of their comfort zone and reach heights that they never thought they could reach. When someone successfully reaches a goal, you can bet that it can effectively boost their confidence. The hesitation to tread new waters will decrease and they will be more aggressive in future goal-settings.
  • Know their strengths and weaknesses. It is also important to identify what the learners are good at and what areas they are struggling with. It is not wise to ignore the weaknesses and focus only on the strengths. The e courses have to address both because the weaknesses need to be improved. Once the weaknesses are dealt with, you can see an improvement in the confidence of the workers.
  • Understand the value of mistake-driven courses. In the workplace, we want to ensure that these will be lessened because some mistakes can be quite catastrophic. Of course, we cannot completely eliminate mistakes. What we can do is to use e courses and turn it into valuable lessons. If you can successfully transform them into opportunities, you can make the employees fearless. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes – as long as you know what to do after. When you have this knowledge, you can improve the confidence level of employees and they will be more courageous in taking risks.
  • Establish a sense of teamwork but not peer-approval. The e courses should include activities that will encourage learners to work together – without developing a culture of peer-approval. It is okay to accept feedback and comments as long as it is constructive. However, to develop a healthy level of confidence, the learners should learn not to rely on the approval of their peers. They have to learn how to identify the parameters of their success so they can reach it on their own or with little supervision.

The e courses that you will create should try to implement these so the learners will not just benefit from the new knowledge, but also a higher level of confidence. Their confidence level will make them more productive and the business more profitable – a win-win situation for everyone.

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