How To Create Award-Winning Videos For Online Classes

cinematic symbolsCreating videos for your online classes does not necessarily have to go through an expert. It is possible, even for those who are not tech-savvy to create videos that even Hollywood will take notice. There are so many tools and software programs that you can use to help you create videos that you can use in elearning. These tools usually do not require too much experience in creating videos. You just have to be patient in learning the tools available online and researching the tips and tricks that will help you create great videos for your online courses. As long as you know what kind of video you want to produce, creating it is possible even without the help of a professional.

Here are important tips that you may want to look into so you can create a great video for your online classes.

  • Choose the right tool. Your lack of skill and experience does not have to compromise your ability to create a video. You just have to find the right tool or software application that will compensate for what you do not have. The less you know, the more sophisticated software you will need. There are various authoring tools that have an expansive asset library that you can choose from. This library is what will help make video creation easier. Instead of creating the certain features from scratch, you simply have to choose from the library that the authoring tool has. From the background music to the characters – all of these are oftentimes available in the library. There are also times when you need editing tools. You do not have to buy the expensive equipment needed to edit your videos. You just have to find the right program that will help you with your editing and other video creation requirements.
  • Focus on showing the idea instead of simply narrating. Combining visual and auditory elements in your video will make it 70% more effective in terms of retention. They need to be able to see how the idea is implemented so they can understand how it will be used in their daily routine. Focusing on demonstrations instead of explanation will prove to make your video more effective.
  • Make the video accessible across different platforms. The one accessing your video should be able to play it regardless of how they choose to view it. If they intend to use a laptop, smartphone, tablet or desktop to access your online classes, they should be able to view the video without any difficulties. Try not to use flash-based videos because some devices (e.g. smartphones) does not support it. There are authoring tools that allow videos to automatically adjust depending on the screen size of the device that will be used to view it.
  • Use interactive elements and creative fonts. You might be surprised at how your video can improve by paying attention to the interacting elements in your video. You can also use creative fonts to add flair to your video. Just make sure you will not overdo it. That could be distracting for the viewers.
  • Pay attention to the one talking. If someone is talking, make sure there are no shadows behind that person. Also, ensure that they are looking at the camera – unless they are interacting with other characters in the video. This will help make the students in your online classes feel involved while watching the video. The presenter and characters in the video should also pace themselves well. That way, the viewers can appreciate what is going on in the video.
  • Write a conversational script. Use simple and conversational tone for the video. This will make it easier for the viewers to understand what is being discussed. If there are conversations, ensure that it does not feel forced. It should come out naturally so the students will enjoy the video. This is also another way for them to feel like they are part of the video. If you will use a narrator, do not make them sound robotic. You should also avoid using words that are difficult to understand.

These are only a few of the tips that will help you create a great video for your online classes. You do not have to spend a lot for the video – just know the right tools that you need to get it done.

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