ELearning Tools: Adobe Captivate

learning conceptsAdobe Captive is one of the eLearning tools that you can use for Microsoft Windows. It started out as a purely screen recording tool called Flashcam. But the potential was recognized and soon, it was further developed to be an effective eLearning authoring tool. This development started when the eHelp Corporation in San Diego acquired Flashcam, improved it and released it to the market as RoboDemo. Then, Macromedia, a software firm acquire eHelp so they can develop RoboDemo further. And when Macromedia was acquired by Adobe Systems, this eLearning tool soon became Captivate.

This eLearning tool is intended to be an all in one tool that can be used for a lot of things. It can author software demonstrations in HD, randomize quizzes and interactions, allow software simulations and branched scenarios  all in .swf format. The Adobe Captivate can also be converted from .swf to .avi so the eLearning material can be uploaded as a video in the hosting website.

Captivate comes in various file formats. The first are project files that allows the reviewing and editing of the created content. There is also the interim files that still permits the editing, compiling, storing and even imitating project files. Lastly, output files serve as the final content format that allows the content to be implemented and delivered in the intended platform.

This tool can also be used for podcasts, screencasts and can also convert Microsoft PowerPoint into Adobe Flash format. Ultimately, this tool will allow the publishing of projects as applications to be used in devices, desktops and other leading learning management systems.

The features of the Adobe Captivate are as follows

  • Simplified user interface
  • Responsive design and publishing on HTML5
  • Rich multimedia for an interesting learning experience
  • Quick development of eLearning content
  • Easy creation of eLearning experiences that are interactive
  • Easy implementation of quizzes
  • Can be delivered anywhere
  • Allow effective collaboration
  • Permit retina display support
  • Have tracking, scoring and reporting capabilities

While Captivate is an authoring software, it does not only create eLearning content – it also allows maintenance. The ability of this tool to provide the means to maintain, monitor and evaluate results places it in an even higher relevance in the eLearning industry.

Since it is user-friendly, it does not require knowledge of programming or any multimedia skills. That makes it quite popular in the eLearning community. In fact, it is believed to be one of the most widely used tool for this purpose.

This is very helpful when creating self-paced eLearning content for courses that are lead by an instructor. From simple graphic demonstrations of flow charts to interactive quizzes, this is an effective tool to use. Complex branching scenarios can also be easily created and implemented to make learning more interesting to students and learners. It even allows decision making interactions.

This eLearning tool, is something that is worth using if you wish to be serious about a revolutionized learning experience. You can expect that this tool will continue to be developed so staying on top of the changes will allow you to utilize Adobe Captivate properly.
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles for FreeDigitalPhotos.net