How To Have An Elearning Mindset

change your mindsetWhen you want to succeed at something, you may want to ensure that you are committed to it. The easiest way to know that you are committed is when you have the right mindset about it. So before you can find success in your elearning course, you may want to change your perception of it. Doing so will help you provide your learners with a great learning experience and allow you to broaden your knowledge about creating elearning possibilities. While content creation and the tools play an important role, your attitude towards the whole thing will determine if it will be successful or not.

Here are a couple of tips to help you develop the mindset that will empower you to fulfill your elearning goals.

  • Understand the process of learning and why it is done. How can you create something that you do not understand right? The whole point of elearning is not just to impart information. You need to make sure that it will be received properly. Doing that requires you to have a better understanding of how the brain absorbs information. Answering the how and the why of learning will help you do that.
  • Know your learners thoroughly. After understanding the core of learning, you may also want to get to know your learners. This will help you execute the learning process in such a way that will be best received by the ones you are instructing. For instance, it has to be something that is relevant to them or they can connect to their respective lives.
  • Be open to innovation. Elearning is all about the use of technology. If you cannot make your mind more susceptible to the changes and developments that technology goes through, it will be difficult for you to keep at pace with the industry. You need to be able to identify the innovations that will complement your course. At the same time, you should be able to implement them in a timely manner.
  • Nothing can replace theory and principles in learning. Some elearning courses are too immersed in the tools that they are using to make the learning process as exciting as possible. While there is nothing wrong with that, the theory and principle part of learning should never be far from the spotlight. Never forget them while creating the course.
  • Experience trumps other learning methods. Another important mindset that you need to have is to know the value of experience. This is the best way that you can instill the course into your learners. Sometimes, direct instruction will not give as much retention as experience will. This means you need to create an environment that will help learners relate the lesson to real life.
  • Visual presentation matter too. You need to understand that visually appealing courses will hook your learners to the overall lesson. You do not want them to drift off in the midst of the lesson. By giving importance to the visual presentation of your course, you are not only hooking your learners, you are also getting them excited for the next course.
  • Aim to be the guide and not the instructor. Lastly, you want to transform your mindset from being the instructor to being a guide. You need to encourage self-exploration when it comes to learning. Now, the style of learning is no longer teaching them directly – but guiding them so they can teach themselves.

These are great ways for you to develop an elearning mindset. Try to absorb them so you are in the best disposition to create your course.

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