Best Microlearning Formats For E Learning For Kids

microelearning for e learning for kidsCreating e learning for kids is not as tricky as you think. However, it does put a lot of pressure and responsibility on the developer. You see, if children have a good time while learning, you might be able to help them develop a love for learning. When that happens, you can expect them to be a little more enthusiastic in their approach to education.

Fortunately, there are several strategies that will make learning more fun for kids. One of them is microlearning. These short courses are not only appealing because it means the learning will be over quickly. The format by which it can appear is also a factor. If you choose the right form to use in your elearning course, it will guarantee that the students will have the best learning experience.

Here are four of the best formats that you can use in e learning for kids.

Short videos

A microlearning format that you can use is short videos. This is the most popular format of microlearning in social media sites. You can use this as well in e learning for kids. Studies reveal that student learns differently from each other. Some will thrive in listening while others learn better with visual stimuli. The best way to address this is by using videos. If you create short videos, this will help you stimulate both senses. Just make sure the video is 7 to 12 minutes long. It is also advised that you provide them with a series of questions that will help them concentrate on the right elements in the video. Not only that, you should give them some time after the video to reflect on what they have watched – before discussing it.

Mobile apps

The idea behind this type of learning strategy is using mobile devices and allowing the children to learn even outside the traditional classroom. Obviously, the app has to be downloaded on the personal mobile devices of the students. An Internet connection is needed to track their progress. Once you have satisfied these qualifications, it should be a great tool to use. According to a study, mobile devices and mobile apps, in particular, can enhance student learning. At least, when it is integrated effectively into the learning process. Since mobile apps are entertaining, you can be sure that the students will be enthusiastic in using it while learning. Admittedly, this can be difficult to create. However, it can be very rewarding. Try to integrate levels that students have to pass in order to go to the next one. This will make it more interesting and challenging for them.

Whiteboard animations

This is an interesting way of learning wherein a story or concept is discussed through drawn photos and graphics. All of this happens on a whiteboard. The artist records their explanation while creating the artwork. This is an interesting way to learn something new for children since it involves cartoon-like images. Since not everyone is artistic, you can rely on whiteboard animation software programs to help create your microlearning course. There are programs that offer free trials – just so you can test if the software is something that you can utilize.


Finally, you can also use infographics in e learning for kids. Complex ideas, lengthy timelines, and numbers can be a bore for most students. You need to find a way to make it more interesting so they will pay attention to it. Fortunately, infographics can help you present data in an interesting and creative way. This type of learning material uses images, short text, and graphs to present relevant data and highlight important texts.

While there are other microlearning formats that you can use in e learning for kids, these four should be the most interesting – at least, at the moment. Make sure to do your research to ensure that you are using the latest technology in learning.

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