5 Ways To Use Videos In Corporate Training Programs

5 Ways To Use Videos In Corporate Training ProgramsUsing videos in training programs are very effective. After all, we absorb more information when we are visually stimulated. Photos can speak volumes more than a simple text can. Imagine the amount of information you can deliver through moving images?

What makes videos even more effective is the fact that they are entertaining. Both the eyes and ears are stimulated – making the viewers more focused in what is going on in the lesson. When there is focus, there is a greater chance of absorbing more information. Retention becomes a higher possibility too.

Several studies show how videos can be used a tool in corporate elearning. For instance, a typical employee watches more than 7 hours of work-related videos each month. 8 out of 10 executives also believe that videos have both significant and positive impacts in any organization. Among the benefits that they get from it includes working with telecommuters and saving on travel costs. In fact, a whopping 96% of businesses reveals that videos help train their employees, not just better, but faster as well. It is believed that more and more companies will use videos as a part of their elearning strategy.

All of these statistics will tell you that videos are poised to play an important role in corporate training programs. But how exactly can these videos be used? Here are 5 ways that you can utilize it in your online courses.

Training in sales

The great thing about elearning is you can train the sales staff outside the office – regardless of where they are. And when you turn the content into a video, it becomes even more effective. You can provide the information they need without taking too much of their time. Even a video that is a minute long can provide more information compared to a 500-word article. An animated video can help them understand the functions or basic info about the product or service they are selling. They can even be armed with these videos to help with the selling process.

Training for compliance

Compliance training will also benefit from a video. You can really invest in this because you can be sure that you will use this for a long time. This type of training involves educating employees about the laws and policies in the company. It involves giving them the information that will help them understand their role in the business. This is information that is not likely to change after a long time so you can really invest in this video if you wish. If there are sensitive topics, you can also use a video to deliver it better.

Training recruits

Training new hires or recruits can be a boring and repetitive job. Instead of assigning someone to do it over and over again, you can just create a video with all the company information, policies, history, and rules that a new hire will need. This video is less likely to require changes – unless the company goes through a management change. But if not, then a video should be a more efficient way of introducing the company to new employees. It is fast and easy for everyone. If you make this available to them, they can view it over and over to refresh their memory – thus keeping mistakes to a minimum. You can shoot a video of the President or CEO as they welcome new recruits. This should make them feel more welcome.

Training soft skills

This is another training program that can be taught better if you use a video. Sometimes, it is hard to explain how one should act in words. It is better to show them how people should conduct themselves to improve their behavior in the workplace. It is also a great way to train the sales staff on how to interact with clients and potential customers.

Training demos

Finally, you can also use videos to demonstrate new skills, procedures, or operations. Any business process that requires a demonstration can be done through a video. It will not only be explained. The viewer will also visually see how it should be applied. This will lessen the risk of making a mistake. It can be a simple how-to video regarding the use of a fire extinguisher or it can be a more complicated video of how to operate a machinery. Seeing how it is done is easier than trying to explain it with just words.

If you need a  tool to use in anyone of these training programs, the best one to use is a video – hands down.

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