5 Types Of Microlearning That Can Support Your Sales Training Program

microlearning in trainingYour sales training program can really benefit from microlearning. This is a type of elearning strategy wherein you will provide bite-sized courses that learners can complete over a short period of time. Usually, these courses are 5 to 10 minutes long and can be accessed anywhere.

This is a great support tool that you can use to keep the sales team competitive and updated of the information that will help them stay on top of their game. It will allow you to feed them with training materials as they are applicable. Since it is short, it will be easy for the sales team to use it to improve their selling strategies.

Since it is smaller and easier to mentally digest, these short courses can be absorbed more efficiently. This will ensure that the course will not go to waste just because the learner forgot about it. The small size of the course would mean that it can be easily accessed by your sales team. That will help them remember the lesson so it can be used when it is needed the most.

Of course, it is easier to say that you will use microlearning to help the sales team perform well. But do you have any idea how you will go about it? The type of delivery that you will choose can make or break the content of the course. Here are 5 options that you can choose from to use microlearning in your training initiatives.

Through a blog post. This is probably the most simple way to provide new information and give it to your sales team. Simply come up with a written material that can be posted on the company website. You can send them an email or text to alert them of the new post. This option can be done in an hour or so – depending on the content that you will provide.

Through a slideshow. This is not as simple as the first but it can also be easily done. Simply use a PowerPoint or a similar program to create a slideshow that combines your content and some images. It will make the delivery of information more interesting this way. The visual element will help learners remember the information better.

Through a video. Moving images that are combined with text and audio elements should be a great way to deliver new information as well. A video can provide both information and demonstration – which is sometimes necessary for training a sales team. It is easier to follow a video than reading a text.

Through an online game. This is technically more difficult to do but it will really make the training very enjoyable for those involved. These are games that should be relevant to the needs of the sales team. Each level can be associated with one lesson or skill that has to be learned. As the level progresses, so does the learning experience.

Through a simulation. The last option for microlearning is to create simulations that will help the learners practice newly acquired skills or knowledge. Like online games, this is not technical and thus harder to create. But it will give the course a boost when it comes to engagement. When the sales team is engaged, the learning process becomes more efficient and effective.

Your sales training program can really benefit from microlearning – as long as you can choose the right type to use. Think about the goals of the sales team so you can make a smart choice about the form that the course will take.

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