5 Lessons That Are Best Served As Mobile Online Courses

mobile phone with guideMobile online courses are effective in the workplace – in more ways than you know. The great thing about the digital age is that it provided trainers and instructors with various methods to implement their training initiatives. In the past, we are limited by traditional training methods that are done in a classroom setting. While that is still relevant today, there are more ways for us to train employees. We can utilize the Internet and even mobile devices to train workers efficiently and effectively.

To provide an effective training program, you want to be able to identify the perfect delivery method. Sometimes, the qualities of the learning strategy can amplify the skills or knowledge that has to be learned. For instance, if you want to deliver online courses that should be accessible anytime, mlearning is the best way to teach it. That way, employees can look at these courses whenever they need it.

Here are the 5 lessons that are best served through mobile learning.

Compliance Training. This is a type of training wherein employees are provided with company rules, regulations, and policies. If there are national or state laws that has to be learned, this is also the best course for them to learn it. This is not only something that you teach to new recruits. It is also a lesson that should be revisited time and again – especially when there is an update. These will help guide the employees when it comes to the performance of their daily tasks. The thing is, these rules and regulations are oftentimes long and has too many points. Nobody can memorize it after one course. To function effectively and minimize mistakes, employees should be able to access this anytime they need to refresh their memory.

Product Training. Products or services give the company the profits that they need to thrive. This is why your employees should be knowledgeable of what the company can offer. Of course, we all know that products and services change over time – as a response to the needs of the business clientele. If you want to keep employees updated without disrupting their work routine, you can send them mobile online courses. This can be used to update everyone about the new products or services that the company offers. Take note – this should not be limited to sales or marketing personnel only. Everyone should be given this information and that is how mobile learning becomes the best way to give them that knowledge. Since they can easily access it through their mobile devices, the knowledge can be used anytime and anywhere.

Soft Skill. This is a type of training that boost the emotional intelligence of employees. According to an article published on ChangeMag.org, Mort Zuckerman, the CEO of Boston Properties and owner of New York Daily look for determination in employees. What used to be cognitive skill is no longer as important as the emotional intelligence of an employee. The thing is, our emotions are oftentimes influenced by our mindset. If you want to change the way people feel about something, you need to change how their perspective about it. The best way to accomplish that is through social learning – which is best served via mobile online courses.

Behavioral Change. The fourth lesson that you can deliver through mlearning are those that involve behavioral change. A behavior can only be altered when you change a habit. We all know that habits are something that comes naturally to changing them can be quite difficult. The best way to make this happen is through a repetitive learning strategy. If that is the case, you need to present the lesson in such a way that the employees can access repeatedly so they can develop the habits that will eventually change their behavior.

Change Management. Finally, any lesson that can really benefit from mobile online courses is change management. This is anything that has to do with transition phases. If there is a new management, a new process, new target – anything that will affect the routine of employees is dealt through this type of management. If you want to keep tabs on how changes affect employees and make sure it will only be a positive effect – mlearning can help with that. You can send performance support materials that will help everyone transition smoothly into the changes happening within the company.

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