4 Ways Blogs Benefit E Learning For Kids

blogs spelled in blocksThere are many tools that can make e learning for kids successful. Thanks to the advancements in technology and the popularity of social media networks, kids today are well aware of the Internet and the basic rules of navigating it. They understand how it works and they are even familiar with some of the programs that can be used in formal learning activities.

Of all the tools and platforms that you can use online, there is one that can combine formality, engagement and self-learning: a blog.

A blog is like an online journal – and a public one at that. This is one of the reasons why it is not as intimidating as the other information sites. This is a great way for students to get a feel of informative writing without it feeling too restricted. It provides a comfortable and relaxed platform for learning to take place.

This comfortable setting is actually one of the reasons why some people may view a blog as something informal among the other informative sites on the Internet. However, if used and designed well, it can be an effective tool in e learning for kids.

There are 4 ways that blogs can be used to benefit the online learning of children.

It can help students practice reading and writing.

The word blog is actually a shortened version of the words web log. It is a log of the blogger’s thoughts and ideas. While posting photos is also part of the practice, the majority of blog posts are written text. This is why this platform is a great way for children to enhance their reading and writing skills. It allows them to construct their thoughts in words properly and this is the best venue to practice. Since there is a certain level of anonymity, students will have more courage to express what is on their mind. However, they will also be careful to construct their words carefully because a blog is a public domain. The students will have to be careful about their grammar and sentence construction.

It can boost the confidence of students.

Another benefit of blogs in e learning for kids is the fact that it can help boost the confidence of the children. As mentioned, there is a level of anonymity in blogs. This will make the writers bolder in the pieces that they will publish. As they increase the posts that they publish, this will help increase their confidence – especially when they get good reviews and comments from it.

It can be used by teachers as a window of communication.

A blog can also be beneficial because it can be used as a means of communication. Teachers can post updates, resource links, and reminders for students to monitor. Parents can also be given access so they can see what transpires in the learning process of their children. This can be a venue for teachers to send students any materials that are necessary for the next lesson that will be discussed. That way, students can prepare ahead of time and it will help them be more active in participating in the discussion.

It can significantly reduce paper consumption.

While this may not be entirely for the benefit of e learning for kids, using blogs can be very good for the environment. It can significantly reduce the use of paper in the learning process. Not only that, the possibility of losing an assignment is lower. It can help reduce the effort on organizing documents in the learning.

These benefits prove that integrating blogs in e learning for kids can heighten the learning experience of the students. As long as the teacher or instructor know how to implement it properly, this can be an effective tool that will help make learning fun for everyone.

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