4 Qualities Of Educational Videos Used In E Learning For Kids

books in a laptop screenEducational videos are widely used in e learning for kids. The benefits of this tool in learning cannot be denied. According to a publication on the University of Queensland website, videos can impact teaching and learning in students. In fact, they cited one study that revealed a connection between visuals and how it improves the memory and recall of any new knowledge. Without a doubt, this is a tool that you need to use in some phases of the learning process.

Of course, creating educational videos is easier said than done. Although there are programs and platforms that will enable you to create videos even without the technical knowledge, you still have to understand the characteristics that will make it more effective.

Here are 4 qualities that the video should have to be an effective tool in e learning for kids.

It must be short.

Children have a short attention span. According to an article published on MedicalDaily.com, the digital lifestyle made our attention span shorter – from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. This increased the importance of creating videos that are short but full of information. The first part of the video should also be given enough thought. If the attention span is 8 seconds, you only have that much time to hook the learners into paying attention to the whole video. But even if you hooked the learners after the 8-second mark, you still need to keep it short. Keeping the video less than 10 minutes should be okay – unless you are asking them to watch a movie. In that case, an hour-long video is okay.

It should use a conversational style.

This will help make the course seem personalized. The student must feel like the narrative in the educational video seem to talk to them personally. That will make it seem relatable as opposed to using a formal tone. The conversational style will also help them develop social skills as the narrator enables the learner to become more engaged in the learning experience.

It must have an enthusiastic tone.

This is probably why a conversational tone is preferable than a formal one. It makes the audio sound more engaging. If the speaking rate is faster and has a happier tone, it will make the students more interested in what is being said. Of course, this has to be done in moderation. You have to make sure the speaking rate is not too fast that they will have a hard time catching what was being said. Probably adding a background music will help. As long as it is not too loud that it becomes distracting, it can add to the enthusiasm in the video.

It should talk to the students.

Lastly, the educational video for e learning for kids should make it feel like it is talking to the students. This is part of the effort to make it personalized again. Make sure the learners are taken into consideration, including their background. It will give you a better idea as to what elements to include in the video.

Creating educational videos to be used in e learning for kids is a great way to engage students. Just make sure that it possesses the right qualities that will heighten the learning experience of the young minds waiting to be influenced by it.

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