3 Benefits Of Microlearning In A Training Course

Microlearning is a type of training structure that provides shorter, bite-sized courses. Instead of requiring learners to sit for an hour to complete a course, you will provide them with shorter courses that they can finish in a few minutes. This type of learning focuses on outcomes that will improve the behavior of the learners. A course usually focuses on one outcome at a time. Since it is short, it can be created to match the learning style of a particular audience.

Sometimes, there are learning requirements that should be done on-the-go. This is ideal for employees that are usually in the field. If you cannot gather them together and make them sit long enough to complete a traditional course, you should use microlearning to get your training across.

This can give them a lot of benefits. Here are three of them.

  1. cropped businessmanThey can learn when it is needed. First of all, learning does not have to happen in one sitting. You can place the bite-sized training courses in a place where it can be accessed when they need it. This will make the learning process different for them. This is a great way to avoid information overload. They can have what they need when there is a requirement for it. Not only that, this will help make the implementation more effective. If the course is presented when it is needed, application happens immediately. This means the information is applied while the memory of what was learned is at its highest. That increases the chance of getting a positive outcome.
  2. The learning experience is personalized. This does not necessarily mean you will create different versions of the same content. Microlearning cuts a longer course into shorter ones so the learner can choose what course to take when they need it. They do not have to go through the whole course just to get the specific knowledge or skill that they need. Not only that, the qualities of microlearning makes it easier for learners to view it as a unique way of learning. Those who learn better in a social environment is stimulated because it usually happens in a highly social place (e.g. social networks). Since this is a short course, it usually uses audio-visual tools like videos and slideshows. This can help those who learn best verbally and aurally. It is like hitting a lot of birds with one stone. Finally, learners can choose when they want to access the course. They can choose the place, time and situation when they are most conditioned to absorb the lesson.
  3. There is minimal interruption. Distractions can keep you from a successful training program. The great thing about microlearning is that it is too short for learners to get distracted. It only runs for a couple of minutes and it does not go beyond 10 minutes. The learners can focus long enough to finish the course regardless of what is going on around them. By eliminating the chance to be distracted, you can increase retention of the lesson being discussed in the course. With a higher retention, application is also increased and that boosts productivity in the workplace.

These are only some of the benefits that you will get when you use microlearning in the training program. It may be more tedious to complete several short courses rather than just one but the results are still as impressive if done correctly.

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