2 Main Benefits Of Social Learning In Corporate E Courses

coaching between employeesLooking for ways to make your corporate e courses effective? Social learning is a great strategy that you can use to improve your training initiatives. Some companies may frown upon this practice because it seems like a very informal method to train employees. It seems like it is full of distractions – which can be counterproductive in the workplace.

But if social learning is used properly, it can be a powerful tool to make it very beneficial to the training programs of the company.

Of all the benefits, there are 2 important things that your training course can get out of social learning.

Promotes collaborative learning.

Social learning is basically learning from each other. You learn from your peers, managers, officers, and colleagues. Everyone is good at something and this is what this type of learning will focus on in your corporate e courses. Employees get to learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses as well. Social learning encourages this environment in the workplace – which is actually a very good thing.

When people learn from each other, it creates a respectful and trusting relationship between employees. If you add managers and other high-ranking officials in the business, it creates a harmonious working relationship between all levels of the organization. Coaching and mentoring become a common practice – something that will enrich and strengthen the respect that employees have for each other.

Regardless of the difference in terms of work ethics, points of views, and strategies, it is the respect and trust that will help everyone complement each other. Instead of fighting their way to the top, employees will support each other as they work towards a common goal – that is to ensure the success of the business.

Makes learning accessible – from all possible sources.

Another benefit that companies can get from social learning in corporate e courses is in the accessibility of the training materials. The great thing about social learning is it never stops. As long as the employee is among colleagues, learning and training will always be prominent. Even simple conversations, email correspondences, and phone calls can be venues for learning. This promotes an attitude of self-learning among workers.

Having so many sources of learning opportunities means it becomes easily accessible when it is needed the most. When the training materials are made available through an online portal, it becomes all the more effective in providing performance support. The tools that you can use in performance support can be as simple as an infographic or as complex as a short video. Anything that employees can pull out when it is required during their usual work routine.

As you can see, these really prove how beneficial social learning is when used in corporate training e courses. It does not matter if the workplace is diverse or remote. Everyone can contribute to making each one as effective and efficient as they can be in the business.

Of course, social learning will only be effective if you know how to control it so everyone is focused on the important lessons in the e courses. This will take some technique to accomplish – but focusing on collaborative activities should make it possible.

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